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    Zest provides a range of personal health & fitness classes.

    Pilates - We have been running pilates classes in Zest for 5 Years. The majority of class partipants have remained with us for years, progressing from beginner to advanced.
    Should you be doing Pilates? Are your core muscles weak? Core muscles are essential for keeping your spine and therefore your posture in the correct aligment. Zest Pilates works specifically on strenghening these muscles.
    Have you got an Injury? Most overuse injuries are a direct result from bad posture. Zest Pilates works on injury rehab and more importantly, injury prevention.

    Mens Pilates - Mistakenly stereotyped as exercise for women, Pilates was originally designed by a man, for men. Joseph Pilates developed the regime during a career as a martial artist and athletic trainer. This is fantastic exercise for men because it increases their strength, flexibility and agility.
    It greatly enhances athletic performance. Golfers will hit the ball further. Runners will run longer and without pain. Professional sports teams-including the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and many NBA and NFL teams in the States - now use pilates as an essential part of their conditioning.
    More men discover the benefits of pilates every year. Our mens class here at zest have discovered greater agility, increased strength and physical tone, and most importantly reduced back ache. Take part and witness the benefits yourself!

    Yoga - This form of exercise is extremely effective for improving flexibility, stress management and relaxation skills, focus, and awareness of the breath.
    Yoga has developed within a rich Eastern tradition and is often, though not always, taught with some philosophical component.

    Indoor Cycling & Core - Zest indoor cycling classes are combined with a 30 min core conditioning class beforehand. Indoor Cycling is particularly versatile because it's a non-impact activity, ideal for post-rehab patients, pre/postnatal women and people with overuse injuries, back pain or arthritis. Perhaps the most unique aspect of indoor cycling is its special brand of motivation. Continuous coaching, music and visualization (which transports you to some imaginary terrain, such as a mountain or wilderness) help you achieve your personal best.

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